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Join the company that rewards everyone!

Like points? Like discounts and rewards? Who doesn't!

All SolidTrust members are automatically included in our TrustPoints Rewards Program. For every $10 worth of funds transfers to anyone, for any reason, earn 1 point. Redeem your points for cash, transfer points to others, donate to charity or cashout for cool stuff!

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When and how do I receive my TrustPoints?
Your points are credited to your TrustPoints Balance as soon as your transfer to a merchant or member has been completed. Points are automatically reversed if the merchant or members does a refund back to you. You can see your TrustPoints balance in your Rewards Details area.
How many points do I need to redeem them?
You can redeem points when your points balance reaches as little as 100 available points.
Are my TrustPoints ever going to expire?
Your TrustPoints never expire as long as you login to your account at least once a year. If you do not login for over 2 years, then your points will expire and cannot be retrieved.
What can I get with TrustPoints Rewards?
When you have accumulated points to required specific levels, you can cash them in for Gift Cards (depending on your location), $$ back into your STPay account, transfer to other STPay members or donate to charity!
Can I let my TrustPoints just accumulate?
Of course! Watch your TrustPoints pile up so that you can earn your Rewards! Just use your SolidTrust Pay with your favourite integrated SolidTrust Merchant and/or send transfers to family and friends.