Mission Statement



Every aspect of life for every human being on the planet is affected by the businesses of the world. Governments are funded by the taxes generated by citizens who work for businesses. Governments build hospitals, schools and transportation systems that are engineered by businesses who employ people to make them work and function.

The money of the world belongs to its people but sadly, they often have the least control over it. It is the responsibility of corporations, governments and businesses to adopt fiscal responsibility towards the people they serve and 'share the wealth'. Unfortunately, 'sharing the wealth' can never be regulated, mandated or enforced; it must be integral to the philosphy and heart of a corporation.

SolidTrust has such a heart, dedicating a portion of its budget to charitable giving, both near and far. We support the following:

Additionally, SolidTrust assists its own members! If you are aware of an STPay member in need, send an email to beneficiary@solidtrustpay.com with full details outlining the situation. We will assess and provide monetary assistance accordingly. If you wish to donate to our Member Assistance Fund, login to your account and do a member to member transfer to username: STP_Relief_Funds

Transfers can be as small as $0.50 and every penny helps. Your donation will be acknowledged and appreciated.

Customer support girl


In today's electronic world, companies are losing the personal touch when it comes to customer support. SolidTrust Pay believes that a friendly and helpful real live person is a crucial part of our Customer Service Department.

We offer a support ticket centre and during business hours, real time LiveChat. For members in difficult time zones and after business hours inquiries, our support ticket service is online 24/7/365.

When you contact us, you will always be treated with respect, listened to and attended to. When you need us, we're here.



Our global online world is an amazing yet terrifying place. Information and knowledge is instant; we have access to services with the utmost of speed and convenience. Our online devices, however, make us vulnerable to identify theft, card and bank account theft, viruses, hackers and cyber criminals - all after YOUR money and personal information! Our dedicated investigations and compliance staff work to ensure your account is protected at all times.

If you become a victim of online abuse, financial loss due to stolen information or identity theft, we quickly work with you to stop and repair any damages. We also comply with global government regulations to stop terrorist financing and the laundering of funds gained through criminal acts.

It is said you are the company you keep. As a SolidTrust Pay Member or Merchant, be confident that you are in the company of one of the world's most respected and ethical payment processors!