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✓ programmers, techs, owners ✓ apis, ipns, creatives & tools
✓ earn cash for integrating ✓ one gateway, multiple options
✓ generate residual income ✓ recurring billing/subscriptions
✓ participate in promotions ✓ mass payments & more

Quick Start Info

Integrate Quickly so Clients Sell Faster ▾
Whether your client is selling one item, multiple items, offering subscription services or needs credit card and bank payments, SolidTrust has their integration needs covered.

Your client can signup today - you as the developer can create buttons allowing them to accept payments the same day!

Programming assistance is available. We cater to new merchants needing simple payments as well as advanced online companies requiring sophisticated options.

Easy Remote API for Instant Payments ▾
Your client can enjoy the freedom of paying members, affiliates or staff without having to even login to their SolidTrust Pay account! Create a Remote Payments API and enable them to quickly and easily handle all their payout needs.
"Done for You" Shopping Cart Modules ▾
We have created already programmed modules for popular shopping carts. Visit the link in the RH menu area to see the modules available.
Add Payment Buttons for Multiple Sites ▾
If you are a developer for a merchant with multiple sites, adding as many Payment Buttons as are needed is no extra time or trouble. Once you have created one, the process is identical for all other sites.

More for Developers

DEVELOPERS BONUSES - for every new merchant you introduce to SolidTrust Pay, receive a $100 BONUS after they are integrated and processing! Add STPay to your existing scripts as an additional payment option and receive a $100 BONUS.

SCRIPT COMPANY BONUSES - for every merchant that uses your script where you have added SolidTrust Pay, receive an ongoing residual as soon as they are integrated and processing! If the merchant does not already have a referral, you will be automatically listed as their referral, earning even more ongoing residuals.

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