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Your account is so much more than just a convenient online E-wallet and Payment Services Gateway.

We are a growing, helping & thriving global community dedicated to service!

As an STPay member or merchant, you automatically have access to all our features and benefits as highlighted below.

✓ TrustPoint Rewards Program - earn points for transfers! Redeem points for cash, gift cards, donate to charity or transfer to other STPay members!
✓ Beneficiary Program - safeguard your account against automatic suspension due to extended account inactivity for any reason; guarantee that any assets in your account become part of your estate. EXCLUSIVE to SolidTrust Pay !
✓ Emergency Funding Services - need money in or out in under 24 hours? Lock in to our Emergency Funding options! For a slightly higher fee, your requests are prioritized above all others.
✓ Buyer Protection Services - product and/or services not received as promised? Feel scammed or victimized? We work with you and the merchant to reach a reconciliation or refund (may not be possible in all situations; restrictions apply).
✓ TrustCard VIP Member Program - faster funding, free priority service, total security and control; upgrade to TrustCard holder VIP status for a small one time fee. EXCLUSIVE to SolidTrust Pay !
✓ Member Care Assistance Program - are you, or do you know of, a family or individual suffering financially and in need? We're here to help through our Care & Assistance Fund. EXCLUSIVE to SolidTrust Pay !

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