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Let's get you off to a Quick Start!

Welcome to our Quick Start Guide. Click on any heading in the main topic boxes below to reveal more information. For even more details on a particular topic, use our instant search engine to the right or visit our Help Centre.


Piggy bank 64x64  Opening An Account

Personal & Business Accounts

Click on "Sign Up" in the upper right hand corner of the home page.
If you are selling a product or service, running a business or registering the account in the name of a company, choose "Business Account".

Most people who are shopping, sending gifts, or receiving commissions from an online program, only need a "Personal Account".

Put a checkmark next to the account type and click "Submit". The next screen displays the sign up form.

Fill out all of the required information. Ensure you put checkmarks next to: Receive email notifications and Yes, I have read the Terms & Conditions.

When all the information on the form is completed, click Sign Upto submit your application.
After you have completed the signup process, check your email for our confirmation message. The message arrives within 5 minutes (check your junkmail in case it ends up there). If no email arrives just signup again with the same info (you may have typed your email address wrong). Some email providers, such as aol, do not allow automated server emails. If you still do not receive a confirmation after trying twice, signup with a different email address.
When you receive your confirmation email, you will see a confirmation link as part of the welcome message – click on this link. If your email settings do not let you click on links in messages, copy and paste the long link into a new browser bar. You will be taken to our login screen where you enter your username and created login password for the very first time.

Helpful Hints

Merchants and other members recognize you and send or receive payments to your username so choose wisely!

Usernames are case sensitive.
If you are not sure how you will use your account, just sign up as Personal Member. You can easily upgrade to Business Standard or Business Premiere at a later date.
You will need to choose both a login & secondary password. These are not sent to you via email after you signup, so write them down. They are also case sensitive.

NOTE - passwords cannot be shorter than 4 characters.
  • Security Settings - on the signup form there are "Security Settings" for you to choose. The default buttons are already selected, so just create your ownSecret Question & Answer. Your answer is case sensitive so write it down exactly!
Once you have logged in, take time to visit ALL the areas of your new SolidTrust Pay Account. You will see these choices in the menu bar at the top of your page:

My Account - shows your profile information, transaction history and verification upgrade options.
Banks & Cards - add bank accounts and credit or debit cards; buy your STPay cards here!
My Money - deposit funds into, withdraw funds out of, transfer to other members, exchange between currencies & manage your subscriptions all in this important area.
Security Zone - change your email, your passwords, update security settings, order or activate a TrustCard.
Merchants - get buttons and codes to start selling online with STPay. Apply to accept credit cards and Crypto currenciesfrom your customers; no STPay account required!
Rewards - see your total TrustPoints Rewards points generated in real time.
Messages - your personalized message and news updates area.

Admin 64x64  Verifying an Account

All Account Levels

No - personal account holders do not need to ever verify their accounts. Only if you wish to transact at higher levels is account verification required.

Business Accounts are required to verify their information if they are selling a product and/or service online.
Depending upon your country, you can use our instant ID Verification option! If this option does not work for you, or is not offered for your country, simply upload a copy of your photo ID and a recent phone, utility, bank or credit card statement. This is easily done in your "My Account" area.
This is a two step process:

1. Add your banking info in your "Banks & Cards" area
2. Complete our instant bank verification (USA and Canada) or our bank authorization form and send us a recent bank statement (full details in your "Banks & Cards" area).
Governments around the world depend on financial entities to monitor transactions for possible terrorist financing, money laundering to disguise the proceeds of crime and to identify politically exposed persons. Verifying the true identify of SolidTrust Pay account holders is in compliance with global efforts to eliminate financial crime.

Helpful Hints

We accept passports, drivers licenses and most country ID cards. The ID must show your complete name, birth date, issue and expiry dates.
We accept any document that you have received in the mail that clearly shows your name and address; it could be a bill, statement, invoice, receipt, etc. The document must be dated within the past 3 months.
Active members are able to transact from $150 up to $999 USD or equivalent daily depending on the type of option chosen.
The following countries are under economic sanctions and cannot be serviced by SolidTrust Pay. Signups from these countries are not allowed:

Afghanistan * Belarus * Burma * Chad * Cote d'Ivoire * Cuba* Democratic Republic of the Congo * Equatorial Guinea * Haiti * Iran * Iraq * Lebanon * Liberia * North Korea * Rwanda * Sudan * Syria * Zimbabwe

Instant Answers!

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    ✓ Input a word; all articles with that word appear.
    ✓ Input a phrase such as "deposit money".
    ✓ Type a question such as "How do I transfer funds?"
    ✓ Full Knowledgebase at our Help Centre.

Dollar 64x64Funding an Account

All Account Levels

Yes. All members are able to add valid credit and/or debit cards and use them immediately. Transactions are posted in real time, but the charge is placed on pending for 2 - 24 hours in order for our fraud department to check the validity of the information. TrustCard and Card Verified member transactions are processed instantly
Yes. We have many different bank options to choose from depending on your location. ACH, EFT, Direct Deposit, Bank Wires and Instant Real Time Bank Transfers are all available. Multiple currencies available.
Yes. We offer BitCoin and other popular AltCoins.
Depending on the option you choose, funding is as fast as a few minutes to a few business days. Bank wires/ACH take longer than BTC and cards.
Absolutely! All your payment information is encrypted and secured. Your card CVV is not stored or displayed. Visit our Security page for more information.
Of course. You can request a cancellation or refund of your account deposit at anytime. If you have already spent your funds, a refund often cannot be completed but we are happy to assist you if you need help with any online purchase.